Sunday, July 26, 2009

Talk to Us

The KBU Student Council is opening its doors to you, the students of KBU International College.
Yes, you are now free to voice out your opinions to us or any queries you may have about us.
Help us help you. We'll try our best to answer you.
But you MUST inform us of your hopes on us and we will get back to you as well as we are able to.

So you can leave a message to us at our e-mail:

Thank you for your cooperation and support. :)

Yours sincerely,

Jonathan Lam

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

New Member

Hi, everyone !! I'm Steven Fong Guo Hao, everyone calls me Steven. I'm a new member of the student council (SC) team and also a member of Design/Online group. So, i'll be working with Jonathan and Steven Lau to make this wonderful and exciting blog. As a new member of SC, I feel very happy that I am chosen and i'm very glad that I have great mates in SC.

Well yesterday around 4 P.m, we had our ice-breaking section with the seniors and juniors as well to understand one and other more. So, we play a game call a memorizing names in order to know the member's names well. The game is very very interesting and i'm definately enjoy for it ^^v. After that , since we don't have any time left, so we quickly get into out own groups which are Design, Technical, and Marketing group. Why are we doing this because it is to let the juniors like me to understand the system more how they work and etc.

Last part, as a part of the student council family, I will do my very best to provide all above average services for the students so that all of us can lead an easy and wonderful college life. Moreover, I would play play my part to contribute in this community and feel free to drop by a comment or suggestions, so that we can provide satisfactory services. ^^

Btw sorry about the pictures that dint upload .. We will soon upload it to let "YOU" the viewers to see what interesting event or activities that we will do ..

Your sincerely,


Friday, July 17, 2009

Welcome to the new SC blog

First and foremost, as the leader of the online team in KBU's Student Council, I am here to welcome all of you viewers to our simple, yet detailed blog. Here, we will discuss and let the public know about our plans for the college and such. For the first post, nothing much will be discussed since there is nothing major going on. But we will improve and we will grow. All support are welcomed :)

Yours sincerely,
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