Monday, May 30, 2011

The RAVE Sketch

Hey everyone! Remember the sketch performed at the cafeteria on the 25th May 2011 (Wednesday)? Well, here are some pictures of the sketch and its story for those who have missed the sketch.

The story is about Lo, who is a student at KBU. He has a girlfriend named Brooke. Brooke is a girl who loves branded accessories while Lo is just an average, poor student.

One day, Brooke and Lo went shopping and walked into a shop selling branded bags. Her eyes sparkled as she saw them, and ask if her boyfriend, Lo, could buy a bag for her.

It was really expensive even after a HUGE discount, and Lo could not afford it. Brooke was displeased with the fact and stomped away. At that moment, Richie, a rich student who also studies at KBU, walks by with his group of friends.

Richie bought all the bags that Brooke demanded and at that instant, he stole Brooke’s heart away and Brooke dumped Lo for Richie. They told Lo that they would be attending the RAVE party together and would even be crowned Lord & Lady RAVE for the night. Lo, being uninformed of party events, immediately asked both of them what the RAVE is all about. They told him that it’s a party that will take place on 10th June 2011 at 7pm in KBU itself. To go to this event you would have to buy the RAVE ticket which costs only RM 30.

The problem is Low doesn’t even have enough money to buy for himself, what more for Brooke. So, Brooke left him for Richie.

Despaired, Lo did not not know what he could do. Suddenly, the Fairy RAVE FATHER appeared out of thin air and stood beside Low.

When Lo saw the Fairy, he immediately hugged the Fairy and begged him for help so that he could go to RAVE. With an instant magic power, the Fairy magically appeared 3 RAVE Tickets for Low.

Now he could go with not just 1 person, but 2 more other people! With another flick of the hands, the Fairy even did a makeover for Low.

On the night itself, Brooke & Richie were having fun dancing and enjoying the night. Suddenly the doors opened, and Lo appeared dressed all smart and ready to party with 2 ladies by his side.

Brooke saw and could not believe her eyes. She wanted to take Richie back but was declined. In the end, Richie and one of his date won the Lord & Lady RAVE and Brooke regretted for leaving Lo.

This comes to show that it doesn’t matter who or how you are, RAVE is a party for all and we invite you to come and join us for this spectacular night of fun and PARTY! Just come over and have fun, get to know new people, and dance your way into the night!! Tickets are just Rm 30, so remember to hunt down a Student Council member to get your tickets or you could also head over to the Student Service Department (SSD) to purchase them!

What’s more? There is even an IPOD Touch up for grabs! Just head over to our website, to find out how.

Remember the date, 10th June 2011, 7pm, KBU Multipurpose Hall.

See You There!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Lord & Lady RAVE 2011

The contestants for the Lord & Lady RAVE 2011 is out!! A new contestant would be revealed each day for 10 consecutive days, so be sure to visit our website everyday to check who's the next nominee!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Sequel

Ever wondered what happened to Brooke, Richie and Lo after their debut appearance in the cupcake sketch? Well, that's definitely not the end of them!! Find out what they have in store for you at the cafeteria on Wednesday (25th May 2001), 11am. You do not want to miss this!!

See You There!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Win an Ipod Touch 32gb!!

Dreamt of owning an Ipod? You can finally realise your dream just by playing!!

It's a game many of us are already familiar with..... Snake!! Just chase after the apples and eat as many as you can to obtain the high score and the Ipod will be yours!

How to participate?
Just head over to our website @ and click on the "Win an Ipod" icon and you'll be brought to the game. Start playing and enter your high score with your 4 digit ticket number, remember, ticket number, not you own name. If yours score is the highest at the end of the contest, you will be the lucky winner to bring home an Ipod 32gb!!

Have Fun Playing~~

*Do read the terms and conditions carefully before playing.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

RAVE 2 All The Way!

We have recently started our RAVE 2 promotion at the cafeteria to promote about our RAVE 2 event to the students and staff of KBU. Student Council members dressed themselves up based on dress codes and went around college to attract students to come for the event. So when you see a bunch of students at the cafeteria with the same coloured outfit, you know who to look for to get your tickets!!

We got a pretty good response from the crowd and many were interested in the event, even students that are currently taking their exams are psyched about it!

For those of you who are still unsure what the event is all about, it’s a night for all KBU students and staff to come and unwind themselves from all their work stress with a night of PARTY! It’s also a great chance to mingle with your mates and to widen your circle of friends. KBU and non-KBU students are all invited to this spectacular event, so go on get your friends to come join us all for an unforgettable night!

Wondering what will be featured during the night? Don't worry, it'll definitely keep your adrenaline PUMPING!! To state a few, we have an awesome DJ, performances, and much more~~ Also, you could be the lucky winner to bring home an Ipod Touch 32GB!! How you ask? Stay tuned for updates to find out!

We would be opening a ticket booth at the cafeteria every Monday and Wednesday from 11am-1pm for you to purchase your tickets. You could also head over to the SSD or find a Student Council Member to get your tickets. And a reminder for all you party people out there, Early-bird promotion ends Monday (16th May 2011), so hurry up and get your tickets right away!!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Dream - Rave 2

Our RAVE 2 promotional video is finally out!!!

Visit for more info and updates about the event.
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