Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Valentine oh valentines


This event was a success, the roses and gifts sold were very much liked by the students,  it came pretty handy to those who hadn’t gotten presents to celebrate their valentines day !

A January Welcoming of 2012

It’s a new year and a new beggining for college freshmans. To warm them up to the new year, we have our every intake orientation programmes to make them feel cosy to the colllege and at the  same time make new friends.

Look what games we had prepared for them!  Could you guess what are they?

DSC06111DSC06130 DSC06121

DSC06134DSC06141  DSC06139 DSC06138 DSC06133

in order the first left is actually 1. guess the object 2. test your egg 3. voice control ( where those blindfolded will rely on their leader’s voice and walk towards them to form a circle) 4. mind boggling game of “ say the word, not colour!”   5.  count the beans ( tough work!) 5. move to the beat  6. an all time classics charade game

From so many games, what were they for?   Actually by completing  each of them, each team willl obtain a piece of puzzle which when all collected will form a piece of a complete paper!!


DSC06143 Even with all the pieces in hand, they are still having a tough time figuring how to construct the paper ! Not easy~~~ needs teamwork ::D

At the end of the day, the fastest who completed the challenges were given prizes to congratulate them on their hard work ! We do hope they had fun  while playing those games. It is pretty  fun .

DSC06152 DSC06153 DSC06154 DSC06156

After that other clubs in KBU such  as the basketball club/ debate club / Christian fellowship club/ Frisbee club / rotaract club came to promote their clubs  to make students aware  of the co- curricular activities that we have in KBU..

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