Tuesday, August 9, 2011

donating blood is back from popular demands!

Remember there was a blood donation drive that took place in our college in March?
Well, it is BACK! It is so popular nowadays you hear everywhere on radio, tv that people are promoting for us to go donate blood!

Student Services Department (SSD) is organizing Blood Donation Drive on 15th & 16th August 2011 from 10am-4pm at Student Centre, Level 3 (Wing B).

It is critical that we (all who are healthy and eligible to donate blood) respond to the appeal for blood donation to ensure continuous supply of blood during this fasting month. Let us remember those in hospitals and help do our bit so that they may be treated, recover and live.

To those who are healthy, able and willing – we are looking forward to seeing you on 15th or 16th August at the Student Centre!


make sure you fit all the terms below, so that people who receive your blood, would feel your true generous act of kindness ;)

1. You are in good health today.

2. You are between 18-60 years of age.

3. Your weight is above 45 kg.

4. You have more than 5 hours of sleep.

5. You are free from any medical problems eg. High blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, migraine, flu, fever, operation in the last 6 months etc.

6. You have not taken any antibiotics or any kind of medicine in the last one week.

7. You have taken a light meal before donating blood.

8. You are not involved in any of the following activities :

· Homosexual relationship

· Bisexual relationship

· Multiple sexual partners

· You have sexual contact with those mentioned above

· Drug abuse

9. You are not pregnant/just delivered or having menstruation (1st – 5th day)

10. Interval between your last donations is more than 3 months ago.

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