Tuesday, September 28, 2010

3rd day of Grand Opening for 20th Yr Gala Night & Prom 2010

Today was the prize giveaway day.
All the early bird Prom ticket buyers before the 24th September were entittled for a lucky draw of Ipod Nano & Consolation prize of 2x Clinique Perfume.
The Eat 2 Win competition winner of 2 free prom tickets was also announced on this day.

Miss Anna , the Head of the Student Service Dept. was the prize giver and lucky draw selector for that day.

The winner for the Eat 2 Win competition is..........
Moving on, they drew a draw for the consolation prize of the Clinique Perfume...
Thewinner is
Miss Samantha of Business School . She walked away with 2 CLINIQUE perfumes as she purchased a few prom tickets on behalf of her friends.

Lastly, the MAIN PRIZE~ the IPOD NANO....
was won by Miss Kelly Khor Hui Yin .

Congrats Miss Kelly Khor Hui Yin, hope you enjoy your gift as much as we do love giving them !

People! don't forget Prom is just 3 more weeks away!!! HURRY GET YOUR TICKETS NOW @ Student Service Dept. (LvL 3)

Monday, September 27, 2010

2nd day of Grand Opening for KBU's 20th yr Gala Night & Prom 2010

Talents! talents! This is what everyone have been anticipating to see! Everyone wants to see what are the MISS KBU contestants gonna perform? are they gonna dance? will there be singing?
By 11.30 crowd already started to gather at the lobby. As usual , the Prom ticket booth counter is set up with a LCD TV projecting the number of seats left unsold & the number of seats that are sold.

Annother thing that got the crowd looking around was the little stalls that FACES magazine set up at the lobby for the students to have a fun time taking pictures with it. It looked really doll house brought to life size kind of stall and many students were seen having a fun time posing in their "toilet" / "mirror frame" / concierge and few more...

at 12.30pm, the crowd finally settled down as the emcee announce that the talent showcase was about to start.
This time, we had judges from FACES magazine( Miss Elaine), School of Design ( Miss Curtney) and Head of Student Service Dept( Miss Anna)
Many of the girls did dances but each were different.

There were contemporary dance, iranian traditional dance, cheer dance, ballroom dance & a educational salsa dance which was actually part of a performance in one of the contestant's educational talk on art of seduction.

One contestant did a martial art performance. She made a performance on how to do self defence and at the same time break 6 pieces of hard wood with her powerful kicks! I guess that really stunned the crowd, i bet many people jaw's dropped when they saw a girl breaking wood planks with her feet!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

1st Day of Grand Opening

The long awaited Grand Opening has finally LAUNCHED!!!
It was launched officially by our principal Dr.See , Miss Anna( Head of Student Service Dept.)Mr. Liew & Dwayne Ong ( President of Student Council)
pic from left to right ( Dwayne ong, Dr.See, Mr. Liew, Miss Anna)

The Prom ticket booth were set up for students to purchase the early bird price of prom tickets ( RM100)
Image Inc. also set up their booth for everyone to do a FREE body fat check

Vicknesh was the emcee for the 3 days grand opening event.

The opening started of with a bang! The Miss KBU contestants did 2 fashions shows with outfits sponsored by FOREVER 21. All hairstyle & make up was well done by Image Inc. company. The 8 Miss KBU contestants looked stunning and the just WOW the crowd away.
The fashion show wasn't just only to show FOREVER 21's fashion but also to judge the MISS KBU contestants on their catwalk, pose & their ability to answer questions in a short given time. The 4 main judges for the fashion show were

Miss Adelaine Chin ( Miss Universe Malaysia 2007),

Miss Curtney ( KBU school of Design),

Miss Bernice( Image Inc.)

Mr. Rogers ( FOREVER 21 representative)

The 1st round of outfit was

After the first round of fashion show, Ezreena Yahya and Erastus got the whole crowd hyped up with 2 songstheir singing was fantastic . They did a number on "Nothing On You"by B.O.B & Bruno Mars

After the crowd were all hyped up, the second round of fashion show by FOREVER 21 began.

The crowd went wild seeing these beautiful ladies walking down the stairs with their elegant garments and graceful posture. Everyone supported their favorite contestants and cheered at the top of their lungs!!

Besides that, there were also beatbox performance by Malaysian Beatboxer Khisho. Great performance!! With great voice and talents like that, they were no doubt adored by the crowd!
After all the beatbox showcase that got the crowd all clapping along and standing up, including the Principal , Dr.See!
The Miss KBU contestants walked down the stairs one last time. This time they were dressed in their traditional outfits!
It was amazing to see all those different unique traditional outfits of each contestants.

Then all 8 of the contestants lined up by the stairs to answer a question thrown by the emcee. They were all given 3 minutes to think and then tell the crowd their answer and the reason they chose that particular answer. The question that was thrown to the contestants was a rather simple one, but it made them think really hard.
The question was " If you had to choose between a choice of career or family, which would you choose ? and why"

All 8 of them answered well with each having a very strong reason to support their answer that they choose. The judges then gave comment to each of the contestants after the whole event based on their Q & A session and their fashion show.
It was a real pagent-like event for the KBU students. It was one of a kind in KBU and everyone had an experience of a lifetime on that day.
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