Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Charity Christmas Celebration

17th December 2010, a memorable day for 87 children.

Our college has organized it's first ever charity Christmas event for the children of 3 different orphanages. On this special day, students, lecturers and staff of KBU worked hand in hand to make this event a joyous and wonderful one for these kids, preparing numerous activities and games, ensuring that they would all leave with a smile on their faces.

As soon as the children arrived, they were brought to the registration counter to get their hands stamp with cute little Christmas icons designed by the lecturers of the School of Design. After that, they were then brought to get their face painted as well as a photography session, whereby all the children had an individual shot of themselves that would later be printed out and given to them at the end of the day.

Lunch Time!! The much awaited time of the day, and guess what's on the menu? Happy Meal!!! Just who wouldn't love Happy Meal. The kids were lead to the cafeteria to enjoy their sumptuous burger and the little toy that came in the set.

After their meal, they were then separated into 2 groups, one doing origami, the other doing hand painting. They were thought how to make cranes during the origami session, and as for the hand painting, we prepared 2 canvases for them to stamp their little hands and fingers onto it to create a painting that was to be presented to our Principal, Dr. See, as a token of appreciation.

It was then time for games. The game was pretty simple, they were to scrunch newspaper into balls and throw them into a box. But as kids love to throw things, it went a little out of hand when the children just couldn't stop throwing newspapers when the game ended. But nonetheless, it was delightful to know that the kids were having fun.

Time for an ice-cream break!! The kids were each given an ice-cream to be enjoyed at the cafeteria. After all was done, they were then brought back to the lobby for the final few agendas of the day.

We had a carolling session by the Christian Fellowship and a gift session as well. Each child was given a present by non other than our very own Santa Claus! They were also given a goodie bag each to be brought home with them.

It was indeed a joyous and memorable day not only for the children, but also for all those who has participated for the event. A special thanks to the Rotaract Club, Interior Architecture and Design Club, Graphic Design Club, Christian Fellowship, Lecturers, Staff of KBU, and the members of the Student Council for making this event a successful one and bringing smiles into the faces of these children.

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

*Picture Credits: Ryan Cheah
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