Thursday, April 28, 2011

RAVE Has Returned!!!

RAVE is back!!!

It is going to be bigger, better and crazier!! Guaranteed to get all you party people screaming for more!!!

After 3 years since our previous RAVE, it is now back to hype up your college life and take you away from all the work stress that has been piling up, giving you a night filled with music, lights, and definitely lots of dancing! So put away your books people and make way for RAVE 2!!

Date: 10th June 2011 (Friday)
Venue: KBU Multipurpose Hall (Level 3)
Time: 7.00pm-11.00pm

Tickets are now open for sale. Just head over to the Student Service Department (SSD) and get your ticket today! All KBU and non-KBU students are invited to join us for this adrenaline pumping event, so make sure you bring all you party people along!!

Ticket prices are as follow:
  • Early-bird: RM25
  • Graduates: RM 25
  • Normal: RM 30

For more info, visit our website @

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Where East Meets North, South and West -KBU International Night 2011

The International Student Committee recently hosted the International Night in our college. Being a multi-cultural and extravagantly diverse college, an event that is great to bring together students from all walks of life for a night filled with fun, dance, music and just a tad bit of drama, hence the name ‘International’ Night.

It started off with the participants of the fashion show gathering in the Student Services Department to get ready for the fashion show. There was a voluntary make-up artist who dolled up all the participants, so credits to her for transforming them from pretty to prettier ;)

While the participants got dressed, all the guests slowly started arriving at the Multipurpose Hall where the event was being held. To show our appreciation to those who came early, goodie bags were handed out to the first 100 hundred guests; somewhat like an ‘earlybird’s special’.

The first agenda on the program was the cultural performances from the international students of KBU. Each performer blew the audience away with their talent and showmanship.

Between that, dinner was served to the guests as well as the participants. It was a buffet with a wide array of delicious food. The committee this the opportunity to pick out audience members who were remarkably dressed for the Best Dressed Award. This was really tough since there was no single person who didn’t look good that night.

After that was the Cultural Fashion Show. This was particularly interesting as the students (and lecturer!) came in couples portraying the traditional costume of people from different nationality. To name a few, there were traditional costumes of China, India, Maldives, Myanmar, Sarawak and Sudan. Each costume looked unique in its own way and all the models should be given lots of credit for that.

Once the performances and dinner was over, the dance floor was opened, transforming the main hall into our very own club. There were all sorts of music being played and it was evident that all KBU students liked their ‘beats fast and their bass down low’ ;)

That marked the end of the 2011 International Nite but the beginning of a whole new year to plan the next International Night which will definitely be double the entertainment!!

Monday, April 11, 2011

April Orientation 2011

A new year, a new beginning.....

Well, though it isn't a new year anymore, but it definitely is a new beginning for the new April intakes, a warm welcome to all of you!!!

Like previous years, the new intakes are welcomed to the college with an ice-breaking session that is loaded with a series of fun-filled games to get them settled in to begin a new chapter in their lives.

Registration for the new comers.

Getting to know each other and coming up with a group cheer, go-go teams!!

'Save the Egg' game. The group is required to brainstorm and think of how could they wrap the egg in a way so that it would not break when dropped. The materials given to them are straw, cellophane tape, news paper and of course, an egg. Unfortunately, non of the eggs got through =(

Then, time for the highlight of the event, the station game!! There are a total of 8 stations:

Push Ups


Count the Beans

Listen & Jump

Colour Code

Form Circle with Blindfold

Gargling Idol

Field Cleaning

Teams are required to visit all stations and complete the given task, once each task is completed, they will be given a puzzle piece which they will have to combine at the end of the game and guess the code on the puzzle. However, if they fail to complete a task, they will have to undergo a five minutes penalty before they are allowed to move on to the next round. The first team to complete all task and solve the puzzle wins the round.

After having to run around the college, it is now time to slow things down a little. Teams are now to compete each other in a game to test their reaction and cooperation. It is similar to pass the ball, but just in a verbal form. Groups are to shout their group colour, followed by the colour of the groups they would like to pass to. E.g. 'red bob red bob red bob to green bob!!' and green team would have to receive it by shouting back 'green bob green bob green bob to yellow bob!!' and on the game goes~~ The group that shouts the wrong chant or are unable to receive it would be eliminated.

The new students were then introduced to the clubs and societies of the college:
  • Student Council
  • Basketball
  • Frisbee
  • Rotaract
  • Speech & Debate
  • Christian Fellowship

Prize giving session!! Presents~~ who doesn't love them? And the winner for the day is *drum rolls* BLUE TEAM!!! Congratulations on your wonderful effort and team spirit, good job guys ;)

Hope all the new students had a wonderful time today, we know we sure did! Wish all of you all the best in your coming days as a college student!

P.S. A gentle reminder to those who has signed up to be a student council member, interviews begin this Friday, 12.30-1.30pm at the Student Service Department (SSD), make sure you're there on time!!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Student Council Weekend Getaway to Port Dickson

When the workload starts piling and exams get closer, we pack our bags and go on an escapade!

The KBU Student Council recently organized a 2 day/1 night trip to Port Dickson to get away from all the mounting stress that comes with college life. We decided that we needed a break from reality and that is exactly what we got out of this trip. The trip not only consisted of Student Council members but also, ex-Student Council members and a number of non-members as well as our advisor, Mr.Ho.

It started off at 6.30am on a Saturday morning when we met up in college and headed to PD in a bus. After the early start, everyone expected to get some sleep on the bus but little did we know that the organisers had planned some surprises for us which turned out to be much more fun than just sleeping.

Organisers giving instructions

We were divided into 3 groups which we would stick to till the end of the trip and our first task was to come up with a group name and cheer. After much thinking, the 3 groups were Y², The ‘Rebel’utions and Rango. Once that was done, we had a singing game where each group had to sing 2 songs, one with all the members, the other a duet.

Everyone into practising

At about 10am, we reached our destination, Port Dickson Marina Resort and although the accommodation was not up to par, we concluded that it’s not the place that is important, but the company that makes a difference.

Our apartment!!

After about an hour of unpacking and resting, some of the members headed downstairs for more fun and games while the kitchen crew began on their lunch shift. We were divided into our 3 groups and played 5 games:

  1. Balancing a ping-pong ball with a spoon in your mouth and passing it to each member without dropping the ball;
  2. Filling a 1.5 litre bottle with water collected in a sponge, thrown by members on the other side of the room
  3. ‘Snowboarding’ across the room while balancing a tray of water-filled cups;
  4. Walking in a straight line while balancing a balloon between each team member;
  5. Picking up either an orange, an egg or a coin from a basin filled with water using only our mouths!

Go Teams!!

Hungry, and tired, we went back upstairs to be greeted by delicious food (Pasta Bolognese) cooked by the kitchen crew and mutton curry cooked by one of the members’ mom.
Yum yum~~
Enjoying a hearty meal ♥

Once lunch was done, all of us headed back downstairs for water games:
  1. Swim to the end of the pool and collect RM 2 worth of coins which were submerged under with each member only collecting ONE coin;
  2. Pick a scrabble letter from the other end of the pool and form a 7-letter word
Our President!!!!

Only two games were organized by the leaders but after that all of us decided to play ‘monkey’ and it was amazingly fun for everyone!

Next we had the much awaited barbeque session at the barbeque pit/playground of the resort. We had a variety of food including a salad to top it off as a healthy meal. This was a more relaxing session as all members just unwound and bonded with each other.
Food..... *drools......*

Our little furry friend who joined us for dinner~~

With stomachs filled and a jolly heart, we headed off for our next game, ‘Pass the Parcel’. This game included all those who attended the trip and turned out to be a laughter-filled game. We had everyone doing all sorts of ridiculous tasks as they had to follow the instructions given on a piece of paper.

Nervously waiting for the parcel ><

Once the fun part was done, we moved on to a more serious session, the ‘Post Mortem’, where all the members sat in a circle and discussed about the problems faced in the council. We had much constructive criticism from one another as many voiced out their opinions and disagreements in the council. The ‘post mortem’ was a very productive session as all of us realised our mistakes and accepted that it is our responsibility to correct them in order to improve the Student Council. The session lasted a couple of hours but ended with everyone leaving with a light-heart after being able to open up and share our feelings.

Despite the late night, everyone woke up pretty early and enjoyed breakfast of tuna and egg sandwiches prepared by the kitchen crew. After breakfast, we checked-out of the resort and headed to the beach for a relaxing two hours. Nothing like a good stroll at the beach with the wind blowing in your hair and sand under your feet to make you forget all your worries! Some of us even took a dip in the water as it was a really, REALLY hot day.

Kitchen crew @ work =D
That's a whole lot of bread "O.o

Look at what we've found!!

Finally, we headed home on the bus, tired but contented! As points were taken for each game played, the overall winning group was announced and it turned out to be non other than Rango!!! The group leader was presented with a gift box which consisted of sweets which he later offered to everyone because, well, for us, everyone is winner.

That wraps up the fantastic trip that we had and although everyone has 0% energy left in their systems, we cannot deny that the trip was nothing short of fun, where the word ‘fun’ could even be an understatement!!

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