Thursday, July 15, 2010

cupcakes that comes with songs & personal message

Firstly, the student council would like to apologize for the advertisement of promosing a butterfly designed cupcake & a ribbon designed cupcake . As in the end it did not turned out to be as promised due to time constraint. We truly apologize for that.

But the event still proceeded well enough to grab the crowd's attention about prom is coming on the 22th Octorber 2010. Remember this date y' all ;)

the cupcakes were made by the student council members themselves! How was it? sweet?

there are more sweetness to come if you attend prom this year !

there were 725 cupcakes being made, before the SALES DAY ( 12-14th July) and
there were already 425 reservations of cupcakes!
The Student Council
managed to sell almost all!
KBU students you all are so supportive!

still Rm2 for 1, but the student council also threw in
an offer of Buy 4 free 1 to get more of you all to buy....

however many of you all who reserved & paid for your cupcakes forgotten to collect it
for the past 3 days~~~

what a pity~~the cupcakes were delicious!

there were also not many of you all who took this opportunity
to suggest your " DREAM PROM THEME"
a theme that can combine both the KBU 20th anniversary gala dinner & prom night...

the booth was placed to be in the centre of the crowd

On the sales day there were : live band performance with song
dedication as well

selling of cupcakes by walking around the college / canteen area to approach people

we know the cupcakes are pretty because
1. You are stopping by to our booth to check it out ;)

2. You got a reward for suggesting a prom theme! A CUPCAKE!

It's about passion, it's about making yourself great.

A wisdom to share & keep in mind:

How to make your company great, it’s just the same as how to make your club, your council great. Because they are the same, which is: there are peoples behind that running it, not alien. We all want to be proud of the school we go to, we all want to be proud of the clubs we joined; we all want to be proud of the company we work for.
It enhance our reputation, make us looks great, feels great and give us access to meet great person.
Clubs, school, company with enchanting reputation is one of the factor that making majority peoples wanted to join and wanted to work for them. If you got the chance to join them, you’re probably joining them for what they can do for you. But one thing, not everyone is fortunate enough to be able to work for the outfit that is currently favored.
Not everyone that in the council is an idiot. Ask yourself, what are you personally going to do to make your council an awesome one.
Start by talking it up. Begin thinking and behaving like a winner. It will stop the rot. It will temporary halt the negative thought and a defeatist attitude.
Please, if you find people talking it down or being pessimist, take issue with them, tell others about them. If it persists, get them out of your family. Because we got no time to change their thought.
Then people will soon get the idea.
Don’t’ expect the senior to lead you the way. They are just too busy running their own plan. Start setting your own goal now!
You, yourself decide to make your own family great or at least tell yourself you are going to make a difference.
Just please realize that the family reputation are just build on one or two person’s victory. Aim to be that person.
Just want to let you know that, you’re on your own. JUST DO IT WITH PASSION. -Angus-

So guys, we should always appreciate all the effort everyone has put in, congratulate them for it,
if they make mistakes, we should tell them its ok, and that it's a stepping stone to learn & improve while teaching them the proper way to improve.

Friday, July 9, 2010

July Orientation 2010

A warm welcome to the new students of KBU International college!!!

Once again, the student council has organized the ice-breaking session for the new intakes of the college, allowing them to feel welcomed with a day of fun-filled games.

First up, gathering of the students:

Students coming into the hall

Leaders then went round picking their selected ones, they were given hand bands to distinguish their group colours.

Pretty colourful hand bands~~

Leaders selecting their choices

They were then brought to corners of the hall to get-to-know, nominate their leaders and come up with their group cheer.

Khai and Atheera

Zaaina and Kerina

Ben and Amanda

Bon and Eunice

Danny Lo and Janice

Kaartig and Pinky

Oh, by the way, not forgetting our talented lovable emcee:


Moving on to the first game, which is the Mascot Design!! Groups are required to dress their mascot up using only the materials given, which are newspapers and tape.

The next session is a series of 3 games, namely Balloon Smash, Happy Feet and Flour and Ping Pong. The groups are to compete in a race to be the first to complete all 3.

Balloon Smash

Happy Feet

Flour and Ping Pong

After that, we headed down memory lane and played a game that we are all familiar with during our childhood years, Musical Chair!! And it was a battle between Student Council members and the new students.

When the games were over, it was time to count the score, Angus style.

2nd runner-up, Blue team

1st runner-up, Pink team

And the winner goes to *drum rolls*............ Green team!!!

But no matter whether we win or lose, all of us are still winners, having a fun day getting to know each other and playing games, being kids again, not letting all the college matters in the way of us enjoying ourselves, how is that losing??

(Locate yoursleves ^^)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

IQ marathon that can win you full scholarship for a UK degree programme

once again,the IQ marathon is BACK!

18 December 2010 (sat)


what programmes do they have on that day?

8:00 am - Registration
8:30 am - Briefing
...9:00 am - 9:45 am - Test 1 (45 mins)
10:15 am - Release of results Test 1
10:30 - 11:00 am - Test 2 (30 mins)
11:30 am - Release of results Test 2
11:45 - 12:30 pm - GRAND FINAL: The Stage Battle (45 mins)
12:45 pm - Prize Giving / Lucky Draw / Closing
1:00 pm - End

Terms & Conditions:
1. The Marathon is opened to SPM / UEC 2010 students.
2. All applications must be submitted latest by 31 October 2010.
3. Application Forms are available at or in Y! Magazine. Submissions can only be made online or by post.
4. The names of successful applicants will be posted in KBU website ( and Y! Magazine as well as Y! Online ; by mid Nov 2010.

For more information, please call 03-7727 3200 (KBU) or 03-7726 0453 (Y! Magazine).

Online form can be found at:

Or, application form can be downloaded at

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Cupcake Sketch

After the Flash Mob, the Student Council has once again nailed an outstanding performance by directing a sketch to promote prom, here's a glance at the performance:

It is about Lo, an average, shy college student, who doesn't have enough money to get a prom ticket. He really wishes to ask his dream girl, Brooke, to prom, but is incapable to do so nor does he have the confidence. In the end, Brooke was wooed away by the rich and handsome Richie.

Lo was in a state of despair when The Cupckeman arrives. He was told that he could win a prom ticket just by buying a cupcake and suggesting a prom theme. Thus, would have a chance to ask Brooke. Lo did as he was told and tried his luck.

After some wise words from the Cupcakeman, Lo finally had the guts to fight for the girl of his dreams. He confronted Richie and expressed his love to Brooke. Brooke was touched by his actions and accepted him into her heart.

And they lived happily every after~~~

The Sketch:

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