Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Extra Info on the Pink Bazaar

So continuing on as i promised from the previous post, the other stuffs in the event that we have are:
  1. Goodie Bags for the first 500 FEMALE customers.
  2. Dodgeball Competition for you GUYS.
  3. You can shop, eat and play at 37 stalls in the bazaar.
  4. And not forgetting the lucky draw, you all will have the chance to win products sponsored by Estee Lauder, DKSH and University2U worth over RM 1400!
The shops there would include fashion bloggers selling their goods at affordable prices, a JUMBO-JUMBO Sales that sells 2nd-hand stuffs, and let's not forget performances.

Performances are from the courtesy of Monash University Students, SEGi College Students, and from Celebrity Fitness.

Another reminder, all profits from this bazaar would go to the BCWA (Breast Cancer Welfare Association) and the UMMC (University Malaya Medical Center) Breast Cancer Fund.

So join the party. Perform a good deed.
Support the cause!

Yours truly,

Jonathan Lam

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pink Bazaar 2

The sequel to the Pink Bazaar.
No, this is NOT a separate event.
It's just a separate post.

So there have been a request on further info on the Pink Bazaar event.
So, I'm not sure if you have read the previous post, but here it is. LINK.

Continuing from that, I have some extras for you all.

Concerning the Clip for Cause, our Student Council president will shave for donation!
Wanna see HER bald? I know I do. Lol.

There is also this sales, where we sell second-hand clothing to raise funds for the charity.
No worries. The clothing is not worn before, and it is in new condition.
It just doesn't fit its owner or it just went out of style with the owner's taste.
So, bring your clothing there.
But of course, make sure it's in top condition and no STAINS!
"One man's junk is another man's treasure."
So what you wish to throw, WE want them.

Other events will be up and ready on the blog as soon as i get word from it.
So keep looking at the blog. ^^

I am so happy that you guys are showing enthusiasm to this event (and that you check out the blog).

Yours truly,

Jonathan Lam

The Coupons Are OUT!

The title says it all.
Coupon sales are in progress even as we.. errr... speak.

There would be two different types of booklets.
One is the RM 10 booklet and the other, the RM 50 booklet.

Why do we have two booklets?
Well, we have two different range of products during the event.
Costly and non-costly.
So the RM 50 booklet is to make your lives simpler.

But not to worry, the lucky draw system would be in such a way, that you all that buy the RM 50 booklet do not reduce your chances of winning in the lucky draw.
So rejoice!

If you want to get some coupons or more info on it.
Contact us with our e-mail (hello.kbusc@gmail.com).

Your support for this event is highly appreciated.

Yours truly,

Jonathan Lam

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Pink Bazaar Poster.

The Pink Bazaar is drawing close as time passes...
I think that all of you know that this month is the Breast Cancer Awareness month.
So support this cause with all your heart.
Sincerity is the key to this event.
Compassion to. So SPLURGE people.

This is the logo...

Yours sincerely,

Jonathan Lan

Friday, October 16, 2009

Spread it Wide

Hey people.

I know this blog is new.
Well, everything have to start new right?
So here's the thing.
We need publicity!

Yes, for us to grow, we need all the support and cooperation we can get from members of the KBU Student Council and the students of KBU.
So go ahead, all blog readers.
Spread the news. Tell your friends to spread it too.
Make them aware of the blog!

For the sake of your Student Council.
Help US!
Your help is very much appreciated.

Yours sincerely,

Jonathan Lam

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Mooncake Festival, Response was Wild

So the Mooncake Festival, or also known as the Mid Autumn Festival, Tea Party was a success.

I might say it was due to the great decorations, the wonderful promotions and advertising, or the loyalty and dedication of the college students to the Student Council.
BUT, i'll be lying. Truth be told, it was because it was FREE.

Yes, admit it people. You like free stuffs.
Don't worry, i do too. XD

So the crowd was there. Refreshments, although we had a minor breakdown halfway through.
But yes, they came, they saw, they.. err... enjoyed.

Here are some pictures of the event.

Refreshments were the main attraction at the event.

Chang Er, courtesy of Poh Kim Mei, Wong Wee Vien, and Jason Lam.
The crowd.

Decoration credits go to Poh Kim Mei, Wong Wee Vien, and Jason Lam.
And not forgetting credits to yours truly for the pictures. XP Lol.
(Self praise is no praise, don't forget that...)

So support the KBU Student Council and keep your eyes pealed for upcoming events.
In the mean time; "Study Hard, Play Hard"

Yours sincerely,

Jonathan Lam

Friday, October 2, 2009

Pink Bazaar

Breast Cancer is an issue rising fast in this time where the health conscious are, well, health conscious and those that are not are beginning to be converted.
Breast cancer is a major health issue plaguing nations worldwide.
Almost all women are susceptible to breast cancer and about 1/10th of 1% of males get breast cancer. Although the statistics for men are small, the danger is still there.
As i like to say, "It's better to be safe than sorry" and "Prevention is better than cure".
We, as members of the KBU Student Council, decided to make an event in conjunction to this issue.

So, what is the Pink Bazaar?
Well, the Pink Bazaar is the name given by the Student Council committee to this event.
It is a bazaar that stretches from about 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

The bazaar is a one day event. Held on the 14th of November in KBU International College.
Information regarding the event is still sketchy as it is in the initial planning stage.
More info will be updated when confirmed.

Anyway, here are the activities or attractions, as i like to call it, during the event.

  1. There would be a FREE carwash. Cool huh? But of course donations are welcomed. Let's just say, you can pay us what you FEEL like paying us for our hard work. It is for a good cause though.
  2. There would be some performances. This part of the event would have to be updated later.
  3. A breast check up for both male and female. Yes Guys, you CAN get breast cancer. So come over for it. There would be people that will teach you how to check for breast cancer.
  4. Lucky draw.
  5. Face Painting for the kids. Or if you feel like a kid you can join too. ^^
  6. Food, drinks, games etc. All the norm of a bazaar.
  7. Lastly, the "Clip for Cause" event. This is and event where WE, Student Council Members, would shave our head bald for donations. $$ Ka-ching.

The carnival runs on the coupon system.
You buy the coupon and use the coupon upon purchase of food, drinks, games etc.

Hope that you will support this cause.
Oh, and there would be participation of other colleges' student council as well in the event.
So take this opportunity to invite YOUR friends over from other colleges as well.
Help us make this a success.

As an end to my post, i would just like say:

"Lets paint the town PINK!"

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Jonathan Lam
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