Saturday, October 15, 2011

Max Bob, German Jazz Night,2nd October 2011 @ KBU Multipurpose hall


It's just the start. The first song ,Star City. There are lot of dynamics and it's goes smooth while all the members played their roles and they co operate with each other so well. After the first song the leader of the band introduce the band members to us. It was the first time they came to perform in Malaysia and KBU got the privilege to host them.

The members broke into individual roles and played their own solo. It's awesome! Their rhythm and beat goes in, oh gosh it's just so right! The drummer some time goes smooth some time goes crazy , it could be seen that he is excited too. The Saxophonist made all of us go crazy. Sometime he came in softly while sometime he came with the high pitch sound, I know it's just not easy to play like that, bravo! The pianist, oh my god, we're kind of in love with him! He's just the way he is. He played naturally and the bassist he got us impress with his solo piece.

clip_image006clip_image008clip_image010 clip_image012

Yes, they do create their own song and they played it so as well. We had a break in the middle of the show and everyone was discussing about the fantastic band and all SC members took a short break too.

After that, they're back and they brought us back to the music sea, we flow relaxing in the sea, it's just so smooth. The band leader told us some jokes. Then there was the birthday wish for one of their members!

Time flies! They end their show with the song Love Never End. After the last song we had a photo session and also question and answer session. Oh yeah, they then sold their CD, with the price RM 40. Trust me, it's worth that price! We have had a chat session with the band and the band left KBU at 12 am!

Okay it's just end, let's just wait for the next show of the band! clip_image014

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Ejeen Ong

Member of Editorial tea, Student council

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