Thursday, July 14, 2011

Student Council Installation 2011/2012

It is that time of the year again, to say goodbye to the Student Council board of 2010/2011 who has worked so hard throughout the year for the students and management of KBU International College, and welcome the new board members, who would be resuming this responsibility and help make college a more enjoyable and fun place.

All these took place at 1pm, at the Lecture Theatre, whereby we invited guest from the management as well to witness our special and important event. We started off with a speech from our principal, Dr. See.

Next, our Student Council Advisor, Ms. Anna, gave her speech.

Then, our current SC President, Mr. Dwayne Ong, gave us a meaningful talk about his experience as a President and a few words of advise to the new board.

Then, our current secretary, Mr. Jonathan Lam, delivered his report of events we had for the year 2010/2011.

We then presented the Certificate of appreciation to all the members, as a sign to thank them for all the hard work they have done, and to mark their stepping down as a Student Council Board member.

It is then the time everyone has been eagerly awaiting for, the announcement of the new Student Council Board 2011/2012.

from left to right : Eunice Low ( Treasurer) Wong Wee Vien ( Secretary) Kaartigayan ( President 2011/2012) Vickneshvar ( Vice President 2011/2012)

Congratulations to the new committee!!

We also awarded all the SC members for their services to the Student Council for that past 1 year

. hat night, the whole student council body head over to kitchen creatures for a Appreciation Dinner and also a farewell to all the members who would be leaving. Everyone definitely had fun that night, chatting, joking, playing, and enjoying each others company.

Special thanks to all the members who would be leaving the council, all of you have done a tremendous job throughout the year, especially our former president, Dwayne Ong, for all the effort you have put into the council. We will ensure that the following year would be, if not better, as good as the one we had, and we will definitely not let you down!

Written by : Wong Wee Vien

Secretary of Student Council 2011/ 2012

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

July 2011 Orientation

Once again it’s our July Orientation day and student council’s members are here to rock the day! Our SC editorial team leader gave us a final briefing at 11am and when it’s 12.30 pm, the moment we are waiting for has finally come. The MPH (multipurpose hall) starts to fill up with more and more new faces. All the new students were invited to our registration counter and they were given their respective coloured tags .

(putting down their details for us !)


getting to know each other)



(creating a team cheer )



When they were separated to their respective groups and after they had their ice-breaking session with their group leaders , they start to think about their group cheer. After 20 minutes, each group performed their own group cheer. Adding to that, each group were given their own song and they started the games. They were given a small piece of paper( like amazing race ) if all the group members are able to complete their task.

(Doing sit up & squats , nah this is not a punishment, it’s one of the games they must complete)clip_image016

( filling up the bottle with water in the fastest time)


(count the number of beans, this was tough as they had to count every single beans)


( listen and form a circle)


(Singing the given song )




There were 2 more games which was the broken telephone & listen n dance game before all of them were gathered back into the hall.

They were then told another surprise , which is to act out the song that they we re given earlier on stage. . Every group did well and we can see that they had fun too.

It was time to announce the winning team. Everyone was tired but was anticipating the results.

And our winner for that day is pink group! Congratulations to our pink group which was led by Gigi Chua and Yong kar fai!!


After the orientation, it was registration for clubs & societies! Students were first introduced to the clubs before they went to sign up. That was the sum of the whole orientation day for JULY 2011.

Written by : Thew Fong Yee

Member of the editorial team

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