Thursday, January 6, 2011

January 2011 orientation programme

Hello! It's a new year and a new begining. To all the seniors of KBU , welcome back everyone.
To all who just joined KBU, welcome to KBU!

to welcome all new KBU students, they Student Council organize orientation programme for them to break the ice and make new friends.

for this year's January intake, the orientation programme was held at Lecture Theater 1, Level 7.

The new students this intake were really outgoing and weren't shy with each other. First they were registered when they came in the room. Then they were split to 4 groups of name Tarzan, Scooby Doo, Barbie & Pooh.

In their smaller groups, they gathered together and introduce themselves to their group members.

after breaking the ice among each other, they were then told to create a mascot out of newspaper and masking tape. It was creativity at its work. These were the mascots

They were given a surprise ,when the mascots were told to do a runway walk to parade their group's masterpiece. As the mascots themself weren't shy, they actually had a good time doing the catwalk !! some even fooling with each other.

Lastly ,every group were given a movie example : Twilight, they were suppose to pass the message from one end to another end by only acting it out and the last person is suppose to guess what the movie is.. Everyone had a good time laughing as along the way, the message is passed wrongly and the outcome turned out different!

After all the fun, other clubs in KBU then introduced themselves in letting students know what are the available clubs there are in KBU that they could join.

The day ended with everyone getting a KBU goodie bag to bring back as part of a memorable first day at college =)

Lastly, for those who wants to join Student Council, we will start having Recruitment day starting
7th January 2011
location :Student Service Department ( level 3 )
Time: 12pm- 1pm
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