Saturday, August 28, 2010

TOP 12 contestants of Miss KBU

Hey everyone i bet you are waiting to know who got selected into the TOP 12
I now present you the TOP 12 contestants of MISS KBU

(click to enlarge)

for those of you who did not make it,cheer up, you could work on the advice the judges gave and and give it a shot again in any pageant!!! =)

Thursday, August 26, 2010



26 August 2010.

This is a day to remember indeed. An opening ceremony was held at the
Function Room ( Level 3) at 11am- 12pm for all participants and guest to witness the opening of the MiSS KBU competition.

It was to welcome the participants and also give a chance for every KBU students to have a glimpse of who will be THE NEXT KBU.

As mentioned on Facebook, that today is also the 2nd round of auditions for the Miss KBU's. This is because, we have received on the sponsors side for this event ,that they would like to see more than 10 contestants to participate. We thank the previous TOP 10 contestants who came today again and compete in another round. However this is a Semi Final Round. whereby a total of 17 contestants who registered, 12 were selected.

It was a rather formal event. Speech by Dwayne Ong, the president of Student Council was given to open the event.
Then Miss Malaysia Universe 2007, Miss Adelaine Chin gave a short speech & advice to the contestants on what a pageant competition is like.

Moving on, everyone had a break time of 1 hour from 12pm- 1pm. Then it was time for the critical moment. INTERVIEW TIME!

The Judges consist of Miss Shafinas , Miss Husna , Miss Malaysia Universe 2007 ; Adelaine Chin, Dwayne Ong, & Pearl Liang

every contestants were asked to do a catwalk before they are sitted to answer a few questions to test their capability in communicating with the audiences, their knowledge and poise.

The results was also announced on the same day.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Miss KBU 2nd Audition

All KBU girls are welcomed to participate in this 2nd round of selection.

Based on the response from the college, the Student Council has decided to have another round of recruitment for all KBU girls.

Those who wish to participate in this 2nd round of selection for Miss KBU pageant are required to attend a briefing tomorrow (26th August 2010). Details are as follow:

Time: 11.00am
Venue: KBU Function Room (Level 3)
Attire: Formal

After the briefing, the contestants are then required to come for an interview that would be conducted by Miss Universe Malaysia, Miss Adelaine Chin, KBU Arts & Design Lecturer, Miss Husna and Student Council President, Mr. Dwayne Ong. Details of the event are as follow:

Time: 1.00pm
Venue: SSD
Attire: Formal

Hope to see you there!!

*if there are any question you would like to ask, you could post us a comment on facebook at this link!/event.php?eid=151665538193651&ref=mf

Grand Opening Performance Recruitment

The Grand Opening Performance Recruitment is now opened to all!!! Anyone can join, no matter who you are, where you're from, what you do, as long as you are interested to be a part of our performing crew for the event, we welcome you to give us a call!!

Performances can be in a group, duet, or even solo. We welcome anyone and everyone!!

For any enquiries or interested parties, do give Miss Eunice a call at 012-7285772 before the 10th of September 2010!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Recruitment for Performers

To all KBU Students out there!!!

Do you have a talent that you would like to show the whole college? May it be in a group, duet or even solo!! We are now looking for talented people out there to come join us for our Grand Opening!!

*click to enlarge*

Whatever your talents may be, just bring it along and come show them to us!!

For those who are interested or would like to enquire more info, please contact Miss Eunice at 012-7285772 before the 10th of September 2010.

Hurry!! And don't miss out on this wonderful opportunity!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Miss KBU 2010

Once again the KBU student council is organizing another interesting event and this time it is.....

*drum rolls*


Our very 1st beauty pageant contest,Miss KBU 2010!!

Till date, not many colleges have organized such events, so the students of KBU would be amongst the first to be a part of this wonderful experience. Also, it is a great stepping stone for all you ladies out there waiting to fullfil your dreams of being in a pageant.

DON’T MISS THIS CHANCE! Show up on the 16th---19th August from 11am- 1pm

Just head on to the Cafeteria on Level 3,


Just JOIN JOIN JOIN!!! You never know. You may just be the 1st ever MISS KBU =)


1.Portfolio Photoshoot
2. Interview
3. Aerobic Wear Modeling
4. Evening Gown Modeling
5.Runway Modeling
6. Outdoor Photoshoot
7. Question & Answer
8. Speech- Spokes Modeling
9. Talent Show

guess who will be joining us as judge


* Will be announced on Prom night
* Will be the cover girl of KBU posters/ banners/flyers/ website for promotion purpose
* Free Prom ticket for Top 5 semi finalist

So don't miss out on this excellent opportunity and someday, you girls may just be like them!!
Imagine getting pageant advice from a former MISS UNIVERSE MALAYSIA... a priceless once in a lifetime opportunity!!!
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