Saturday, November 28, 2009

End of Pink Bazaar

So it's the end of the Pink Bazaar.
I know it happened like 2 weeks ago... but my schedule was kinda hectic.
So, i apologize for the delayed post.

So anyway, i would like to thank everyone that participated in the event.
I would also like to express my gratitude to ALL the vendors that were there.
You all did a wonderful job.
And to guests and customers at the bazaar, thanks for your support in our cause.
We really appreciate it.
Of course, there are the sponsors and the student councils of other colleges.
Thanks you guys for all your help and support.
Maybe we can collaborate again in another event.
Let's keep our ties for the future.

So to the event.
It was great. All the shops. All the stuffs they sold there.
The performances were great too.
I guess it was the main attraction there. Everyone was like flocking to the stage when the performances start.
The lucky draw was great too.
That is the most awaited event in the whole bazaar i guess.
Even the vendors participated. I guess one of the vendors won a plane ticker or something if i'm not mistaken.
He or She is so lucky.

Anyway, i guess all i am trying to say is.
The event was great. And all of you were very supportive of this.
And i hope that when the Student Council hosts another event, you will all contribute to it.

Yours truly,

Jonathan Lam
check what
your shopping kaki said about our bazaar~~ ;) great comments!

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