Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Speak Up Campaign

Student Council's Speak Up Campaign has finally launched today.

All students of KBU International College are given a chance to express their discontent about the college to us.
In a survey form of course.

And this year, we're giving you all a chance to choose the theme for prom this year.
What do you think?
So keep your brain juices flowing, and make this year's prom a night that you'll remember.

Anything else you would like to inquire about or questions directed to the Student Council can be sent to our e-mail : hello.kbusc@gmail.com

Written by,

Jonathan Lam

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

January Orientation 2010

As promised, these are the photos taken during the orientation.
Sorry for it being so late.

The people are piling in for the ice breaking session.

Time to group them.

Danny Siah briefing them on the games and activities.

Getting to know you... Group led by Jason Lam and Wee Vien.

Group led by Bon..... something. His name is very long...

Group led by Dwayne and Arvind.

Group led by Alice and Diva.

Group led by Vicky and Kim Mei.

Group led by Bernie and yours truly.

Group led by Danny Lo and Carrie.

Now that we're divided into groups... Let the games begin.
First game : Mascot Design.
Dress your leader up into your mascot!

No favouritism intended. But i really do like this mascot. Very sporting. (He has boobs)

Judging time... I give them the scores. ^^ Of course, i am not biased.

I apologize for not remembering the names of the groups.
Well, moving on to the next game.
Some race thing. Finish it the fastest, you get the highest score.

Passing rubber band to your group member with a straw using your mouth. Tough.

Guess guess guess... The black box. What's inside is still a mystery.

I have no name for this. But you walk with your legs attached to the ski-thing with two people behind you.

Now this is interesting. Hula hoop pass. You pass the hoop to your group member with your hands linked.

Coordination is the key.

The third activity, mascot talent.
A singing contest like no other.

Song preparation. Remember the lyrics.

It starts.

Now with that over... time for the last activity.
Build the tallest monument out of the rubbish you collected.

The tallest tower... Don't mind the hoops.

Err.... my group's work... it reminds me of a sculpture...

And so, scores were counted.
And in third place....


And in second place...


And stealing the spotlight is.... (drum roll)


So... that's for the January Orientation 2010. Hope all that attended had fun.
I know i did.


Jonathan Lam.
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